Are a weirdo for having mommy issues?

The resounding answer is that you aren’t. There’s so many guys around who lust for milfs from time to time.

Almost any guy on this planet would attest to the beauty of those big breasts and butts that milfs usually have.

What to do about this fetish?

First, talk to your girlfriend about it and stop hiding your kinks. There’s nothing wrong about them and you need to start sharing your feelings and desires.

Second, watch some porn with milf pornstars. Find some plots that you are interested in, not just the fucking videos.

Third, role-play those scenarios that allure you together with your girl. It’s so fun and it’ll help you open up those kinks and bring them to life. She can pretend to breastfeed you, or you can become a mischievous 4-year-old who needs to get some serious spanking.

Or she can be a very sexy mom of your friend, always stretching and bending in front of you, totally by accident.

Don’t be afraid that your teen girlfriend will feel useless. Just explain to her that your mom I’d like to fuck fetish doesn’t mean that you don’t love her anymore!